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Capital Projects Effort Certification FAQs
  • Who has to fill out the Capital Projects Effort Certification webform?

    Any employee who is paid directly by CUA from one of two University project manager budget orgs. The employee must be on University payroll (i.e., no third-party contractors or entities paid through Procurement or Accounts Payable). The employee’s title may be different than “Project Manager.” Please see your supervisor for details.

  • When do I have to fill out this form?

    If you belong to the above category, you will receive a reminder e-mail at the end of each fiscal quarter, or four times a year. You will record the total effort you expended on a project for the past quarter.

    The fiscal quarters are as follows: May, June, July (Q1); August, September, and October (Q2), November, December, and January (Q3), and February, March, and April (Q4).

    You must submit your webform within three (3) business days of the last day of the preceding quarter.

    Please respect the time of your colleagues across the University. If you will be out of the office for the quarterly deadline, please arrange to submit your effort certification early.

  • What is classified as a “project”?

    For the purposes of this effort certification webform, something is a project if it was created by a Project Approval Form, or PAF, had a separate project org created for its’ budget, and has had both cash and budget transferred/allocated to that org.

    All project managers (and/or their financial or supervisory administrators) receive notification of cash transfers and budget loads in project orgs. If you are not receiving those notifications, please let the University Budget Office know.

    Please note that PAFs for new projects still in process by the last week of the quarter are not guaranteed to be finalized and added to the project list in time for effort cert submissions. Any pre-planning effort will need to be accounted for in subsequent quarters. Please see your supervisor for details.

  • I’ve gone to one of the links provided. How do I begin filling out my effort certification webform?

    Please check that your CUA e-mail address has auto-populated in the top left field, choose the correct fiscal quarter in the top right field, and then please click on the green “Add New Project” button.

  • How do I enter my project into the provided field?

    Start typing a keyword (similar to a Google search) from your project in the “Project” field. Good keywords to use are building names (e.g., “Caldwell” or “Law”), or the category of the project (e.g., “HVAC” or “waterproofing”), or the department or division sponsoring the project (e.g. “Drama” or “Anthropology”). The field will use autocomplete to give you options. Once you find the correct project, simply click on it and the full project name and ID will populate that field.

  • How do I know what to put for the “Effort %” field?

    You will use a good faith percentage for your labor on each project over the previous three months (one fiscal quarter). You may use your calendars, your emails, your notes, separate hour tracking, or other options as you prefer as the source for your effort percentages. It is unlikely you will ever be asked for this documentation, but it is your responsibility to be able to provide it.

  • How do I submit my effort certification form, and what happens then?

    Please check the box at the bottom of the form certifying that you have used good faith estimates, and click the blue “Submit” button. If there is a potential problem with your submission, like a duplicate row, percentages that don’t add up to 100%, or failure to click the certification box, your list will not be submitted. A list of specific errors will be generated to aid you in troubleshooting. Please correct the listed errors and click “Submit” again. After you have successfully submitted your effort cert form, you will receive an automated email with a copy of your submission, as will your direct supervisor.

  • What happens if I accidentally submitted an effort cert form with the wrong project or percentage on it?

    You may submit another effort certification form, filled out completely. Your new submission will overwrite your previous. When you click on the link to submit a revised form while logged in to your CUA Google account, you will see an on-screen information banner advising that your new submission will overwrite your previous one.

  • Can I save my effort cert form so that I can cut-and-paste the same projects next quarter?

    No, but the type-ahead search ability inherent in the form will save a great deal of time. Additionally, you may wish to refer to your previous quarter’s notification of submission for assistance with keyword options.

  • What do I do if I have a technical difficulty or have another question?